The Founder


Y. Bhg. Tan Sri Lee Kim Yew 

Deputy Chairman of Country Heights Holdings Berhad

I have a will in my heart constantly that is to help disabled to learn information technology in order to turn ‘barrier’ into ‘able’. I believe quality education empower disabled to influence and inspire others and create value for the society. I believe information technology is a gift given by the God to disabled, so, to master the advanced technology is no longer a dream for disabled.

Thus, the course syllabuses emphasize on exploring the unique talent in each individual through the use of information technology and through the classical education which emphasize on morality. If only they have a high morality, men will become models for other people even if they are deformed or disabled. And so, for men with ample virtue, their physical defects might be forgotten.

Nowadays, the domain of computer and information technology is gradually toward firm and steady and the computer technician and professional in market have a great demand too. Undoubtedly  information technology is a proper tool to help disabled to be financial independence, yet the spirit of self- reliance should be taken root among disabled as they seize control of their destiny.