The Consultant

Tan Sri Dato’ Sri Ong Tee Keat


According to the theory of “Book of Changes”, one of the profound Chinese scripture, everything in the universe are change regularly, certain thing is remain unchanged, and certain thing is simple and easy. The Way of Heaven is simple and easy and remains unchanged. I would like to share with you the ideas about change.

Man is in motion, all the other beings in the universe are in motion, man in his business of life, and the other beings in theirs, strive to satisfy their respective wants. The dry leaves fall and tender leaves spring; the roots stretch far and deep for water and moisture, and branches spread high and wide for air and sunshine, and in this way the plants are in motion. The earth as a unit is in motion, and the sun, the moon and all the stars in the heaven are constantly keeping to their respective motions. The whole physical universe too is thus regularly in motion. The entire system of life in the universe exist everywhere. From the aspect of human life, this natural phenomena was recorded in the Book of Changes – Heaven is in motion, superior man make unremitting efforts to improve oneself continuously.

Disabled have a remarkable inner strength when they raise their hope and toward the right direction just like the press report provided by Tan Sri Lee Kim Yew in the website, the paralyzed woman was successfully traversed the English Straits to raise funds for the disabled as well as the less able group. In history, there were many disabled who had very successful in their life.

The successful story of a great musician, Shi Kuang in Zhou Dynasty is certainly admiring us, he purposely blinds his eyes in order to concentrate his mind to play the music full-heartedly, of course, he became the greatest musician in Zhou Dynasty. Another case, the miracle worker, Helen Keller was born deaf, mute and blind, she said, “Peoples have eyes, but they lost their direction.” She shared the same opinion with the great saint of China, Laozi, he said, ”The five colours blind the eyes, the five tones deafen the ears, the five flavours dull the taste, racing and hunting madden the minds, hard-to-get objects interfere with behaviours. When a person’s heart were free to move around without control, they may lost their true nature, that is why the great sage Mengzi said, “The way of learning is nothing than to search for one’s self-nature.

I sincerely bless the special students to study happily and seriously in other to attain a brand new life.