The Chairman

Mr. Tan Kean Huat

CEO of  Confucian Culture and Education Foundation


The Chinese great teacher and great sage Confucius was the first person to advocate “rendering education to all people without discrimination”. It is intended to achieve the goal of equal education. At the time of Spring and Autumn Period, only the ancient Chinese aristocrat were eligible to learn in noble private school or to acquire knowledge in palace. In view of this, Confucius became the pioneer founder to establish the first private school for ordinary people.

The book of Zhuang Zi quoted Confucius’s pedagogical concepts are striking. A mutilated man by the name of Shushan the Toeless want to learn from Confucius. Confucius said,   “Because you were not prudent, you committed a crime and have brought misfortune to yourself. It is too late for you to come to me now.” The Toeless said, “I have lost my leg because I didn’t behave properly and abused myself. I have come to you because I have something more precious than my leg and I want to preserve it.” After listening to him, Confucius was greatly appreciated Shushan the Toeless and took him as his disciple.

Tan Sri Lee Kim Yew’s concept to help the disabled through information technology education is quite an advanced idea. I believe that classical education is add value to quality education for disabled and to promote a holistic educational perspective.

In view of the world crisis is increasing rapidly, I wish to stimulate discussion on how cultural classical education can and should act as a hope for the future and promote a holistic education to meet the great challenge of durable development of the world.