Philosophy of E

E-Able Management consists mainly in handling the ethical relationship of teachers and students as well as that between staffs. To handle well these two relationships, one abides by two basic moral principals – love and respect. The core concept of E-able is actually based on love

            Internal harmony will be achieved when an institute is regulated by love, national unity will be attained when a state is ruled by love, international peace will be arrived when the world is governed by love. Confucius said, “Only a virtuous man can rightly love.” Bible, “Hope, faith, love, the greatest is love.” Malay proverb, “Tidak kenal maka tidak cinta.” (Without knowledge of love, you wouldn’t be able to love).

            We educate our student the culture of love by teaching Chinese, Western and Malay culture. We deeply believe that people with cultural mind will be able to understand the true meaning of love. Love is our natural instinct; it is only where natural instinct and education are balanced that you get the true superior man.