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Ling: Honourable Deputy Minister of Higher Education, Yang Berhormat Dr. Hou Kok Chung
Ping: Honourable founder of the , Tan Sri Lee Kim Yew
Ling: Honourable chairman of the , Mr Tan Kean Huat
Ping: Honourable director of the , Miss Dianna Lee Cheng Wen
Ling: Leaders of the subsidiary companies of MINES group.
Ping & Ling: Ladies and gentlemen, principal, teachers, Mdm Loo, Mr Tan and fellow coursemates
Ping: I am Goh Chin Peng
Ling: I am Yoong Yet Ling
Ping & Ling: We welcome you to appreciate a cultural performance so called “Comic Dialogue” themed with classics authored by ancient Chinese intellectuals or philosophers
Ling: Today is the official launching of The Best Celestial Website
Ping: The Best Celestial Website is the main theme of today’s launching, why you whispering in such a soft tone?
Ling: As proud as I can be, I am shy to proclaim that I am the “Miss Universe”. Personally, I think our principal has overstated our website as “The Best Celestial Website”!
Ping: But I have to disagree with you. I think to name it “The Best Celestial Website” is not exaggerating at all. As almighty God has created a magnificent human being as perfect as Tan Sri Lee, Tan Sri Lee has aspired to establish to help the less fortunate to cultivate their potentials in IT despite of their physical disadvantages.
Ling: I can’t be more agreeable with your reasoning. But I wonder what factor has driven dedicated Tan Sri Lee in helping the disables?
Ping: As far as I know, Tan Sri Lee was greatly impressed by a team of disabled basketball players. He feels deeply that the mental intelligence of the disables have unlimited possibilities especially gifted in the borderless industry of information technology.
Ling: Tan Sri Lee’s ideology has great similarities with the famous Chinese philosopher, Zhuangzi. In fact, despite of physical shortcomings, all human being including disable is born with perfect Self Nature. As long as we continue to cultivate virtue and morality, we will outlive physical disadvantages and live with pride and dignity just like any ordinary men.
Ping: The great philosopher, Confucious not only teaches disable students, he very much cares of delicate feelings of the disable in daily lives. The classic authored by Confucius «Li Yun Da Tong» promotes caring societies that provide welfare to the widows, orphans, homeless, abandons and disables.
Ling: I am indeed very touched by these words of wisdom and their noble personality and kindness
Ping: Zhuangzi and Confucius are truly benevolent and wise men. There’s a famous quote by Zhuangzi that sounded like this “heaven and earth within reach with an index finger, all creations can be summarized in a horse”. I wonder the mighty index finger is a type of kungfu and maybe the horse that Zhuangzi mentioned match description of Tan Sri Lee’s Golden Horse?
Ling: This reminds me of Laozi’s teachings about the Origin of all beings. In the midst of a universal chaos, birth the sky and earth, the motion of earth rotate in circular around the sun with its non-disturbing order, then birth of the living creatures. Mother nature nurture equally all beings without a name and it is so called “Tao”. Tao gave birth to One, One splits to Two, Two grows to Three, and Three multiplies million others. And we can observe Millions simply from a horse.
Ping: Wait a minute, I got confused now. Sister Ling since you are much “older” than me, please explain further why Lao Zi compares Tao to a Horse?
Ling: Say that again! I am not “older”…
Ping: Oh sorry, sister Ling since you are “younger” and “smarter”, can you please explain further about “Tao” and what its means with a “Horse”?
Ling: Attention! Listen carefully.
BELL: Something is vague and existent.
SHAH: It exists before the birth of heaven and earth.
YEEN: It is quiet and silent.
ZUL: It is independent and unchanging.
LIANG: It circulates and non stop.
SAIFUL: May it be the mother of the world.
LIN: I don’t know its name, word it ‘Tao’.
LILY: Tao creates one,
AZMI: One creates two,
FANG: Two create three,
FAIZ: Three create creations, look at the creations from a horse.
Ping: Wah! you have made amazing progress in English! “Tao” is magnificent. Tao amazingly creates the universe and all beings!
Ling: With in depth curiosity, philosophers study the origin of our existence. When we are amazed with the Mother Nature and keen of finding the ultimate “Truth” of our existence, like wise men, we are also capable of understanding “Tao”. A simplify narration of “Tao” is “Tao” existed before sky and earth, the pointing of index finger resembles the ultimate “Truth”; Horse resembles Completeness of Almighty’s perfect creation. Horse has horse head, horse face, horse eyes, horse nose, horse mouth, horse ear, horse neck, horse body, horse leg, horse toe, horse skin, horse shits, and horse can even fart… Can you see how complete as horse can be?
Ping: Philosophy is complicating a simple question and make me headache!
Ling: It is because you are lack of thinking exercise. Philosophical study is a systemic critical thinking process that helps our society to become more civilized and developed over time. What differentiate superiority of human being from other living creatures, is human is capable of “thinking” and brain power gives us unlimited possibilities to explore and advance.
Ping: Is that true?
Ling: Yes it is confirmed by Zhuangzi. “…..”
Ping: Sister Ling, you confused me even more…
Ling: How come you are so lazy to think it yourself, my fellow coursemates!
ALL: Yes!
BELL: Is the heaven moving all the time?
SHAH: Is the earth standing still?
ZUL: Is the sun rivaling the moon for its position in the sky?
LIANG: Who is controlling all this?
SAIFUL: Who is arranging all this?
LIN: Who is having such leisure as to push them on?
AZMI: Or is some mechanism driving them on?
FAIZ: Or are they moving of their own will, unable to come to a stop?
Ling: Many sleepless nights, I look up to the sky and wonder why the Sun and the Moon dutifully rotate during days and nights? Who dictates the master plan of the universe? Who design and monitor the routine routes of the planets? How does the mechanism of the Mother Nature works? Will the system of “Tao” continuously function until infinity or will it stop one day?
Ping: Oh… that reminds me of the first paragraph in Qing Jing Jin “Tao is indefinite, it gave birth to the sky and the earth; Tao is emotionless, it revolves the Sun and the Moon regardless; Tao without a name, it nurtures all being equally without favors.”
Ling: A-haa… now you get a glimpse of the whole picture!
Ping: The wisdom of the philosophers in the ancient times is extraordinary. They understood astronomy, geography, architecture when they have very limited aids of science and technology. The great Creator of all beings is even more divinely amazing!
Ling: Although our Almighty Creator never boastful of His greatness with words, we can feel it with our senses and with great admirations of the beauty of Mother Nature, we learn more about “Tao”. Today, as the ambassador of classics, I welcome all of you to join us to study the wisdoms inherited from our ancestral saint and sage
Ping: The astronomical system in the universe is programmed precisely and positioned properly in order. Likewise the Best Celestial Website is a thorough piece of work of the Almighty Creator.
Ling: s teachers and students have dedicated a lot of efforts in succeeding classical works. We hope more people will recognize the talents in our students and frequently log into The Best Celestial website to share with us our fruits of cultivation. We hope public will appreciate classical words of wisdoms which have great emphasis in the website. We also anticipate generous and consistent sponsor for E-able’s program so that we can sustainable to help even more disadvantage disables.
Ping: Let’s return to the original nature. Human are born with a longing for heavenly home of our souls. However, when we are distant too far and too long from the original nature, we tend to forget and loss in seeking “Tao”. May all of us eventually enlighten with Tao.
Ling & Ping: Ladies and Gentlemen, please put our hands together to welcome Deputy Minister of Higher Education, Dr Hou Kok Chung to officiate launching of the Best Celestial Website for . Thank you!

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